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Hydrological measuring station
Ø25 x 200 mm
3 parameters with conductivity
3 different housings
Modem GPRS for automatic data sending
Alert messages sent by SMS in case of thresholds exceeding
Differents power supplies, various housings
On request


    Specially designed to use it in hydrology, the HyMADD allows the monitoring of the level and the temperature of the water, like of its conductivity in the 3 parameters system.

    The device is composed of the probe containing all the electronic and of the upper housing including the batteries and the connector for the communication. Small and well integrated, it can be installed really easily and quickly in all situations.

    In its basic version, the upper HyMADD-E case of the HyMADD is adapted for 2" piezometric pipes and is fixed with 3 screws. In grey PVC, it looks like a simple tube stopper and remains very discrete. It is enough to unscrew the lid to reach the connector of communication and the batteries, or to do manual measurements through the hole (Ø 16mm) arranged for this purpose.

    However, to limitate the risks of vandalism, an aluminium housing was developed to fit inside 2" piezometric pipes and more. Fixed using a sleeve, the HyMADD-I can be protected by a safety-lock cover. In this case, the connector of communication is on the lid, which protects the batteries.

    The third version within a rectangular box, the HyMADD-B is available for the assembling in cupboard or on a table.

    Thanks to the GPRS option, it is not necessary any more to go ofen on the field to recover measurements, the HyMADD automatically sends the data to your email address as attached file.

    Finally, with the Alarm option, 2 threshold levels (ascent or descent) can be programmed and SMS messages will be sent at overruns of these levels.

    Differents adaptations like a power supply by a small solar panel are also available on demand (not available for the 3 parameters HyMADD).

Software UniMADD:

    The software UniMADD allows to control the station, to read and export the measurements , to calibrate the probe or to manage the GPRS and alarm modules. 

Technical specifications:


    Measuring range:0 to 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 mH20
    Overpressure:2x nominal pressure
    Linearity:± 0,1 % FS (full scale)
    Relative precision:± 0,5 % FS


    Measuring range:0 to +60 °C
    Absolute precision:± 0,2 °C


    Measuring range:0 to 2000 µS
    Absolute precision:± 2 % FS


    Power supply:3x 1,5V LR6 or 4x 1,5V LR20
    Autonomy:0 to 20 °C : > 2 years
    At -10 °C : ~ 1 year


Instruction manual
Technical datasheet
Software UniMADD
manual (D)



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