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Brand :
MADD Technologies
Model :
Type :
Rainfall station with alarms
Dimensions :
166 x 161 x 450 mm
Options :
Ventilated air temperature probe
Data transmission on email addres via GPRS
Alarm SMS sending in case of exceeding of 2 thresholds
Remote station programming by SMS
Display of informations on LCD screen
Heating of the rain gauge's cone
(only available with 240V power supply)
Price :
On request


    Floods and landslides caused by strong rains are becoming more recurring and regularly cause major damage. Our measuring station PluvioMADD2, when placed at sensitive locations, can alert the responsible persons some time before these phenomena occur. The saved time will give them the chance to take the appropriate measures to notify the residents occupying the sites at risk and if necessary, to evacuate the area and to stop the traffic.

    A set of 4 alkaline batteries provides a long operating life and the station PluvioMADD2 doesn't require to be connected at the electrical network. It is easy to install it, even in places with poor access. The automatic and periodic sending of data avoid frequent trips to the station and give information about the status of the station.

    Programmable according to various criteria, the station sends SMS alarm messages to various responsible persons, followed immediately by the data on email addresses. The alarms are sent when threshold are exceeded during thunderstorms and persistent rain. Notices are also sent if the situation become again normal. The alarm thresholds can be programmed on site or remotely via SMS.

    The station PluvioMADD2 can also be ordered with an ventilated thermometer for accurate measurements of air temperature, or with a LCD screen to  display easily main information.

Software UniMADD:

    The software UniMADD allows complete control of the station, including reading and export of data, or time setting, the configuration of the alarms and the periodic data transmission by email.

Technical Specifications:


    Measuring interval of temperature:Between 10 minutes and 24 hours
    Memory:16'000 tips (date and time)
    More than 30'000measurements of temperature
    Power supply:4 batteries 1,5V LR6
    Communication:Serial link RS-232
    Dimensions:166 x 161 x 93 mm


    Rain gauge type:Tipping bucket rain gauge
    Collector area:400 cm2
    Resolution:0,2 mm
    Precision:± 1% up to 99 mm/h
    Dimensions: ø 260 x 350 mm
    Leveling: Bubble level with 3 screws


    Measuring range:-30 to +50 °C
    Absolute precision:± 0,25 °C
    Dimensions:520 x 135 x 150 mm
    Power supply of the ventilator: Solar panel
    Operating time of the ventilator:10'000 hours


    Operating modes:Standby, event, alarm 1, alarm 2
    Programming of the alarms:
     - Threshold value
     - Accumulation period (alarm 1 / alarm 2)

    > 0,2 mm
    1-1440 / 10-2880 minutes
    Interval of data sending by email:
     - In standby
     - In alarm
    1 hour to 12 months
    10 minutes to 24 hours
    Numbers of SMS numbers: 5 numbers
    Numbers of email addresses:2 addresses
    Remote programming Operating modes, thresholds, intervals of data sending, phone numbers for SMS


Technical datasheet
Software UniMADD


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